Case Study

BCGDV Agile Workplace:

ABW Vision

ABW Brief


The Rocks, Sydney NSW

200 staff / 1,700sqm

The workplace that incubates new businesses: Ultimate flexibility of the office

The Proposition

To create a spatial solution to incubate simultaneous ventures for different clients within one shared workspace, whilst managing commercially sensitive information. As well as to develop a spatial approach to better manage unpredictable accommodation demands.

Antelope designed and led discussions with a range of stakeholders to understand their desired future workstyle activities. This was carried out through surveys, interviews, workshops and observations (Sydney and LA offices).

The Vision and Brief

The resulting vision for the office immerses the visitor immediately in DV’s unique agile way of working (through regular weekly office tours) and also maintains a high level of commercial privacy with secure ‘venture zones’. The arrangement and design of the venture spaces makes them scalable with ultimate flexibility in how space is managed and allocated, allowing for fluctuations in the number and size of ventures.

“The deliverables were exceptional …we received tremendous feedback that this approach should now be the global standard.“


Yvette Bellamy, People & Operations Director, BCGDV Sydney