Case Study

Kambala School:

Agile Classroom Pilot

Students at Kambala Pilot Flexible Classroom


Rose Bay, NSW

2 Classrooms

German International School Sydney Workshop.

The courage to test a new way of learning and teaching

The Proposition

To work with teaching staff and students to test a new agile learning model as the first project initiative of the recently completed Campus vision.

The Pilot

Antelope, working closely with the head of teaching and learning, ran a series of engagements to understand the future desired activities for the space to form the brief. This included staff and student online surveys, key staff workshops, student focus groups and identifying staff to be involved in the pilot.

Antelope helped educators with the shift to the new space by setting agreed etiquettes and an approach to timetabling. The new space includes two flexible learning zones which can be rearranged to support different modes of learning and a virtual meeting room to connect to other schools globally.

This process identified new learning activities, and allowed Kambala to test and refine new approaches for teaching and learning, beyond didactic learning, to empower staff to connect with students in unique ways.

“Antelope showed outstanding expertise in engaging a broad range of stakeholders and communicating using means and language appropriate to the diverse audiences.”


Adele Walker, Head of Teaching and Learning, Kambala School