Case Study

SDN Children’s Services:

Governance for the Physical Environment

Feasibility Study for Upgrades to 4 Centres

SDN Governance Workshop with staff


Broadway, Sydney NSW

23 Childcare Centres

Dreaming Big for kids. Taking a strategic approach to managing space for children

The Proposition

To strengthen the legibility of SDN’s brand, creating consistent, high quality physical environment across their 23 centres. This led to a desire to re-think their internal property decision-making process and to develop an aspirational vision for their centres that aligns with their values.


Antelope identified that a more strategic approach to each property decision could be achieved through a new internal decision-making structure. Antelope led one-on-one interviews and workshops with staff, to co-create a model of governance with clear roles and responsibilities.

Feasibility Study

Antelope partnered with Tribe Studio Architects to understand what improvements could be implemented at 4 key centres. A range of future development scenarios (refresh, upgrade, rebuild) were tested and costed for board consideration. Antelope developed a set of spatial design principles to align with SDN’s aspiration for a consistent ”look and feel” that captured the local identity of each centre’s community.