What we do


Save time by getting the brief right

Give your architect everything they need to make the design phase seamless. We work with you to co-create a detailed functional brief that includes all the requirements for your new way of working or learning.  

Using the vision as a starting point, we define a set of workstyles and activities for the future, then translate these to spatial, behavioural and technology needs.



You get:
A comprehensive set of functional requirements that include everything the
architect needs to start the design process
ABW and Agile Model Specialist
We specialise in highly flexible workplace and learning models and have worked on over 20 activity – based working (ABW and Agile) model implementations across Australia and New Zealand.
  Relevant Projects:
Multiplex Head Office (Workplace Vision)
CESPHN Head Office (Workplace Vision)
  Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (BCGDV) (Workplace Vision)
German International School Sydney GISS (Education Campus vision)
Kambala School (Campus Vision)

“Antelope’s attitude, visionary spirit, ability to listen, desire to understand, skilful management and power to motivate people made it all work.”

Dr Lorenz Metzger, Principal, German International School Sydney

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