What we do


Help your people navigate change

To support the shift to a new way of working or learning, we support your people by working with you to:

Lead conversations that define the key measures of success, challenges and
benefits of the change
Create a bespoke change plan including approach to engagements, communications and training
Prepare for the move and reinforce the change post-move through practical
implementation support (including training and comms)
Provide organisational development and leadership coaching through our
network of partners


We work closely with an internal change representative to align to your needs – and build ownership in your team for lasting change.

Antelope showed outstanding expertise in engaging a broad range of stakeholdersand communicating using means and language appropriate to the diverseaudiences

Adele Walker, Head of Teaching and Learning, Kambala School
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Johnson & Johnson
Kambala School (Campus Vision)

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