What we do


What we do


Drive your future with insights

Shape your organisation’s future developments with invaluable insights from our targeted research and decades of experience. We can help you imagine, create and pitch your vision for large scale education or workplace design projects.


We bring:
Insights on future needs and positioning
Input into project pitches that we can also co-present
Presentations, talks and written thought-leadership pieces
Insights and advice on project marketing and positioning
You get:
A concept and philosophy that speaks to current and future ways of working or learning to support the next generation.
  Relevant projects:
Stockland: Workplace Advisory and Positioning for Commercial Developments
STLC Campus Development Pitch

“… interactions were aligned with our needs, …. challenged our thinking which is why we engaged Antelope”

Anthony Duarte, Regional Director NSW, Multiplex

What we do

Vision Development

Create a vision your truly own

Give your people a voice through an inspiring and engaging process that helps them think beyond the current way of doing things. Through interactive workshops, interviews, group discussions, surveys and tours, we work closely with you to create a vision that ignites a sense of common purpose and inspires your teams.


Your vision:
Sets the purpose of the project and aligns it to your organisational strategy
Defines your people’s appetite for change
Builds ownership, consensus and momentum
Saves on re-design time
Creates environments that put people first
You get:
A set of guiding aspirations that describe your ideal physical, behavioural and virtual experience. It sets the framework to develop the detailed needs for your environment – offering a starting point for the design and your new way of working.
  Accommodation Portfolio Planning:
While we’re developing your vision, we can also assess your workplace ecosystem, including understanding people movement, aspired flexible working practices and ideal customer interface. We can identify opportunities in your accommodation portfolio to better align to your future way of working.
  Relevant Projects:
Multiplex Head Office (Workplace Vision)
CESPHN Head Office (Workplace Vision)
Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (BCGDV) (Workplace Vision)
German International School Sydney GISS (Education Campus vision)
Kambala School (Campus Vision)

“Antelope were instrumental in creating a forward thinking and very aspirational brief for future ways of working that would push architects beyond the norms of commercial architectural thinking and design.”

Eve Clark, Design Manager, AMP Capital, Quay

What we do

Pre-Design Support

Start the design phase confidently

Getting clear on your future needs helps you make important decisions during the design phase. We guide you through major considerations including roles and responsibilities, internal decisions and governance, feasibility and people’s appetite for change.


“Antelope’s attitude, visionary spirit, ability to listen, desire to understand, skilful management and power to motivate people made it all work.”

Dr Lorenz Metzger, Principal, German International School Sydney

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